Governance & Organisational Performance

Wright Consultancy AfricaAs part of general organisation work of developing new institutional arrangement and supporting organisational change, there is also a need to support good governance to enhance overall organisational performance.  This has a direct impact on leadership development, effectiveness of the boardroom, clarification of roles, executive obligations, adoption of organisational process and procedures, communications and monitoring and evaluation of performance.

WCI have worked with both the private and public sector on performance, role clarification and leadership. This experience is invaluable when trying to address good governance in emerging economies, where transparency, decision making process and supporting communications are confused and often left to basic statutory obligations which in themselves maybe insufficient to deliver the level of performance expected and required.  Very often, establishing new institutional arrangement from civil service to new parastatals (state agencies) are disappointing, failing to meet the performance levels required as they are unable to change the civil service culture they had hoped to leave behind.

WCI leadership and management performance work lends itself to establishing good overall governance. Building on our work, in Africa, in particular we are familiar with the King II and King III reports  initiated by the institute of Director in South Africa and  the work of World Bank Governance Tool-kit. WCI have supported governance work in Jordan, Guyana, Philippines, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Sierra Leone.

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