Tax & Customs Reform

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WCI has, over the last 10 years, been involved in several tax and customs reform projects. This is a critical area for development agencies to invest in order to ensure that the emerging economics ‘tax gap’ can be closed for long-term self-sustainability. WCI has been closely linked with three Africa tax authorities: Rwanda, Burundi and Sierra Leone, all at different stages in their development from start-up in Burundi, mature in Rwanda to the current Modernisation Programme in Sierra Leone where we have worked with Crown Agents and directly for DFID as the programme Team Leader.

WCI with its background in Sustainable Social Economic Development with extractive industries such as: oil, gas, mining, forestry, large scale agriculture, PPP, concessions and fisheries, has identified this sector as one due for major improvements in tax policies. This would help emerging economies to make an  investment in human capital & infrastructure, ensuring that there is a long term legacy from exploitation of resources. WCI will use its worldwide network of tax and economic specialists and its links to extractive industries in resource rich counties in emerging markets to support tax and customs and trade facilitation reform.

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