Ken Wright; Project Management & Programme Leadership

Wright Consultancy International PhilippinesKen Wright, Managing Partner of WCI has an established history of Project Management and Programme Leadership.   After  graduating for Trinity College Dublin Ken has  worked for General Motors; UK Local Government Training Board (LGTB); Price Waterhouse (PWC) and Tegral Group of Companies then part  of Cement Roadstone Holdings (CRH). It is now over 30 years since forming, initially Wright Consultancy (Ireland) and later TeamWorks to work with well-known private sector clients; such as; Apple, Alcan, Guinness, Philips, Microsoft, Westinghouse and Unilever etc before establishing WCI overseas services in 2003.

Overview of International Experiences

Chart for insertionWCI work extensively with other global partners firms and a close network of specialist consultants tailored to specific project needs. WCI act from time to time as project managers and programme leaders especially on linking ad hoc technical inputs into one overall project strategy.

Our working partners:

WCI have worked as  consultants to Adam Smith International  for 10 years (1999 to 2010) in institutional reform and the Institute of Public Private Partnership (IP3), in Washington DC , since 2003 to date. Since then we have partnered with  and supported many of the well-known International consultancy  houses, for example;

  • CPCS Transcom, Canada
  • Crown Agents: UK
  • Ecorys
  • HTSPE & Coffee International;  UK
  • IPA Energy ; UK
  • Land Equity Law; Australia
  • Red Centre; UK
  • Stone & Webster (The Shaw Group in 2000, then by Technip in 2012); USA
  • TRC Global Management Solutions; USA
  • UMS Group ( power sector) ; USA

For the Extractive Industries projects we are associates of PUMA Resources (Financial, Technical & Engineering) and InterSocial (land & resettlement). In addition, WCI has a strong, network of technical and consulting specialist who come together for specific projects, including legal, financial (tax & customs ); social & environmental, land,  utilities and regulatory projects.

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